Common Makeover questions...

QUESTION:  I only see available slots for this month. What's up?


In order to make sure we leave weekend time open for clients to book parties, we do not open up makeover appointments for the following month until the 15th of the previous month. So if you are looking to book an October makeover and it's only Aug...check the schedule Sept 16th and Oct slots will be open. 

QUESTION: Is my child too old for this?


We welcome anyone of any age to have a makeover! However, our costumes sizes are limited and suitable for up to an average sized 10 year old. But we are happy to do our face painting and nail makeovers for any age! 

QUESTION: Can I book for more than 1 child at a time? 


We have two salon chairs so we are able to accommodate two makeovers at a time. However, if you have more than 2 children you'd like to book you may book them for consecutive timeframes and all the children may attend and they will be given a fun waiting room activity to do while the other children gets their makeovers. For safety reasons, waiting children will NOT be permitted onto the playroom floor during wait times. 

For Magical Makeovers - Once everyone has their makeover completed, they will have the opportunity to take photos together within the space. 

QUESTION: Can we play after our makeover?


**NEW** Only Magical and Nails and Scales makeovers include photo and playtime within the space.  Please keep in mind, Storybook is NOT A FREEPLAY VENUE. During our "non-party" time, we operate as a normal salon would. Due to Covid regulations we must be diligent in managing timing for each client accordingly as to not over-crowd the space for clients coming in. Playtime in our magical areas are reserved for private parties, private experiences, Nails and Scales Makeovers or one of our special monthly public events. (If you'd like to reserve private play time, visit our "Nails and Scales" 1HR option reserved at the very start and end of each day.) 

QUESTION: Can I book a makeover for my son? 


Yes! Boys are welcome! Although we admit that Storybook Station is a little on the girly side, we are happy to offer boy options as well. Boys or girls can choose to be mermaids or mermen, pirates, fairies, unicorns, wizards or dragons!  Our goal is to one day expand so we can have a larger space to make magical areas of all kinds! 

QUESTION: Where did the photo package go?


We have discontinued our 1 hour package that included edited photos because....WOW, that was A LOT of photos for one person to edit everyday. But we still welcome you to take as many photos with your cameras as you would like! 

QUESTION: How can I make my child feel more special during his/her makeover?


We offer fun upgrades like flower crowns, LED light up crowns, Crystal tiaras and colorful hair clip-ins to top off your little ones makeovers. Make sure to pre-order them when booking online as we often times run out in the shop when people ask to add them to their makeovers. If you order ahead, we will make sure to set them aside.

QUESTION: Are you open all the time?


If we have availability on our online schedule, you can rest assured that spot is open and we don't have a party booked! We are also open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for walk-ins. However, if you'd prefer to walk in without an appointment it is best to call ahead to make sure we aren't closed for a private party. If you'd like to book a private princess experience or a Birthday party package, we are available any day of the week! 

QUESTION: Should parents stay during the makeover?


Yes! Parents are welcome to hang out in our "Mermaid Cafe" during their child's makeover. Take as many photos of the experience as you'd like! We only ask that anyone entering please remove their shoes and that no more than 2 adults come into the space to observe.


QUESTION: In this uncertain time of Covid, is Storybook safe? 



Storybook’s #1 concern is the safety our Keiki. We are diligent in keeping our venue meticulously clean and sanitizing our face painting tools with high quality UV sanitizers. As with any cosmetic facial service, we allow the children only to remove their mask while we are painting their faces. New disposable tools are used for each child when working around the eye and mouth area. Unless you have booked a private event, your child should remain wearing their mask when not seated in the salon chair. Chairs are spaced 10 foot apart and children are only seated together if they are in the same party. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Common Party Package questions...

QUESTION: Let's get this out of the way...Why does it seem so expensive?


Everyone knows it costs money to throw a party, however at Storybook Station our aim is to provide a priceless experience for you and your little ones. When booking a party with Storybook you are receiving a private rental of our venue,  3+ storybook staffers, full makeovers performed by skilled artists, carefully planned entertainment, goody bags, second-to-none custom decor, crafting supplies, invitations and in some cases food, drink, cupcakes and full set up/serving/cleaning service.  We guarantee that our quality is bar none in the Pacific and that you will not regret spending any amount of money on your experience with us. If you have questions about what comes in each of our party packages, we are always happy to walk you through every step of the way to find what is best for your budget!  

QUESTION: My party has boys invited. Is that ok?  


Of course! Although Storybook Station LOOKS girly, we make sure our activities are suitable for everyone, including boys younger than six. We are happy to offer wizard, pirate and dragon makeovers as well! As we don't have as many costumes to accommodate boys, we will ask you in the booking process how many boys will be attending so we can make sure we are prepared! 

* Although children of any age are welcome to attend, we find that boys OLDER than 5 may not be interested in our party activities. 

QUESTION: Are the parents invited to stay?


Parents are welcome to attend or hang in our "Mermaid Cafe" area or children can also be dropped off as long as a parent is reachable at all times in case of emergencies. Your little guests are welcome to come dressed up if they would like, but you can let them know they will be given the option to dress up at Storybook Station. In a "drop-off" party situation, it is helpful to have at least one adult present until the portion of the party where some children may need help changing into their costumes. For Premier parties, adults are welcome to return for the food portion of the party which is 30 mins prior to the parties end. That is when we have the children change back into their normal clothes. 

We are happy to help the children if the parents are comfortable, however we like to consult with you beforehand to asses the comfortability of each parent if they do plan to leave during the party.


QUESTION:  Can we leave our younger children?


We are absolutely NOT equipped to change diapers or tend to children younger than age 4 without parent supervision.

QUESTION: What if someone is late to the party? 


We will get started without them! Party time starts and ends promptly at the times set upon your booking as Storybook parties run much like a live show and our activities are timed to a pre-recorded track. 

We are able to accommodate doing makeovers one-by-one throughout the party if need be and often times do this for parties that add additional children.

QUESTION: My party package includes food, but will it be enough? Can you accommodate children with food allergies?


For our Premiere Party, we include 2 Large pizzas that can feed 8 children and 12 vanilla cupcakes. You are welcome to bring any foods you may like to add in addition to the included pizza and cupcakes. We also offer the option within the booking process to add additional pizzas for the adults. If you have guests with food allergies, we kindly request you bring an alternative for them to enjoy. 

QUESTION: Can I book my party anytime?


We do have set times of the day for parties booked on the weekends.  For weekday parties you may book anytime 10am - 9pm.  If you are looking for something specific and you do not see it available on the schedule, give us a call at 808.428.9698

QUESTION: Is my child and her guests too old for this?


Since our opening, we have completed the exact same party with great success for birthday children ranging from 9 years old to 2 years old. But, this is really a matter of what you think your child will enjoy. As our parties are already pre-set, we do have certain activities that always happen within each event. Although we have alternate tracks in some situations where something may be too advanced for our youngest guests, we do NOT have alternate activities for children who may be TOO advanced for what we are doing. If you are concerned your child may be too old/young for our parties, give us a call and we'd be happy to help you decide. 

Generally if your child still believes in the magic of their favorite character coming to life before their eyes, all the rest will fall into place.


QUESTION: In this time of Covid, is Storybook safe? Are we OK to have our event? 



Storybook’s #1 concern is the safety our Keiki. We are diligent in keeping our venue meticulously clean and sanitizing our face painting tools with high quality UV sanitizers. Unlike most party venues, Storybook is already catered and geared around very small parties. When we have parties in our venue, we offer no other services and our venue is private to only you and whomever you invite.  As we are a business, we are clear to operate safely at 50% of our capacity, which is 18 people. We ask that you keep that in consideration when inviting your adult guests so that we stay well within state guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 

QUESTION: What character hosts can we pick from? 


You can choose your included host from Storybook Stations unique Fairies, Land Mermaids or a Humicorns (Our own Human-Unicorns!) Or if you'd prefer a character from, there is an new option to add a 1hr visit from the character of your choice, once the play portion of your party begins. Add your little one's favorite character and she will interact and play during play time and say her goodbyes right before food is served. Our only stipulation is that it's a face character who is able to interact and lead activities.  

For those who choose tailed mermaids, your mermaid will be in the tail for the makeover portion of your party only. Then will change into her "human" form for the activity portion. 

QUESTION:  I'm so sad! My event day is booked. Do you offer anything else? 


If your special date is no longer available, don't worry! The other side of our business can bring all different kinds of specialty entertainment to your door or wherever you have your event. If you are specifically looking for Fantasy Makeovers, you can book our Mobile Makeover Station and we will bring all the magic of Storybook Station to you.

QUESTION:  My child attended a party here and wants to have her party here. Will it be exactly the same? 


Since we are so new, the answer to this is ....basically, yes. There is an element of difference when a different character is hosting and the children can get different makeovers, but our magical butterfly's dialogue never changes. So expect most of the same activities if you've be here before. In time, we will be adding different versions of our parties to choose from for those who want to switch it up. 

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